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8.5.5. Replacement of a wheel

Replacement of a wheel is on the way connected with certain difficulties. Wheel bolts can be rusted or tightened too hardly (instead of the put 110 N · l) during the last replacement by STOA. In this case it will not be possible to turn off them a usual balloon key from regular tool kit, perhaps. For a way out it is possible to use a cross-shaped key which put on a pipe piece for increase in the lever.

1. Turn on the parking brake.
2. If you stopped on the road, include a signal of an emergency stop and you will expose the warning sign.
3. Include the first transfer (for a mechanical box of gear shifting) or transfer the selector lever to situation "P" (for AKP).
4. Under wheels on the other side of the car enclose a stone or wooden whetstone for the prevention of kickback.
5. On the car with steel wheels hook the screw-driver a cap and remove it.
6. Weaken bolts of fastening of a wheel on one turn.
7. The screw-driver hook a protective cover of an opening (eye) for installation of a jack from the relevant party and remove it.

Fig. 7.32. As it is possible insert a jack into an eye further

8. As it is possible insert a jack into an eye (fig. 7.32) further. Prepare a spare wheel.
9. Only after you will double-check that the car is protected from kickback, and the jack is reliably inserted into an eye, lift the car and turn off completely bolts of fastening of a wheel.
10. Remove a wheel.
11. For simplification of installation of a spare wheel it is possible to screw the centering pin from regular set in the top opening for wheel bolts.
12. Spread a spare wheel. At the same time try not to drop it as the sheeting, especially at light-alloy wheels can be damaged.

Fig. 7.33. Tighten bolts of fastening of a wheel in the shown order the moment of 110 N · m

13. Evenly cross-wise wrap bolts of fastening of a wheel (fig. 7.33). At the same time it is necessary to turn a wheel that it precisely "sat down" on a nave.
14. Lower the car, tighten bolts and tighten their moment 110 N · m.
15. Establish a cap. At the same time at first hook on it for the gate of pumping and, holding a leg, strong press from the opposite side. Best of all it works well when the gate after installation is below.
16. After 200 km of a run once again tighten bolts of fastening of a wheel the moment of 110 N · m.