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9.1.1. The most important elements of the working brake system

Double-circuit brake system. The brake system is divided into two independent contours. The first is responsible for braking of forward wheels, the second — back.
Dual main cylinder. Will transform mechanical effort to brake pedals to hydraulic energy and provides bystry pressure decrease in system at a brake pedal otpuskaniye.
Tank with brake fluid. Is over the main cylinder and provides system with working liquid.
Amplifier of brakes. Uses a part of the vacuum depression created by the engine on an admission.
Foot parking brake. It is put in action by system of cables and involves back brakes. As disk brakes badly are suitable for performance of function of the parking brake, on back wheels the drum brakes integrated with the main disk are in addition established. Drum brakes are put in action only by a pedal of the parking brake.
Brake disks. Together with wheels in a stream of air the related steel brake disks rotate. Over them so-called brackets are established. When pressing a brake pedal pistons, moving forward from brake cylinders, shift brake shoes with slips in the direction of a disk and clamp it — there is a braking.
Brake support. The mechanism in the form of the bracket as if got on a brake disk.