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9.10.1. Check of thickness of slips

For those who independently serve the brake system of the car, this check the most important. Forward blocks on cars with the automatic transmission wear out quicker. The control lamp of wear of blocks in a combination of devices lights up if thickness of overlays of blocks from the piston of forward brakes is less than 3,5 mm.
Wear from the initial size of 14 mm in this case is so big that all four forward blocks should be replaced. On cars with the ASR system sensors of wear are installed as well on back wheels. At installation of new forward blocks it is always necessary to check a condition of back.

1. Remove the corresponding wheel.
2. Ahead: the minimum thickness of slips is 2,0 mm. At a difference of values of thickness of slips more than 2,0 mm sort a bracket of a support or check guides of blocks.
3. Behind: minimum level of wear of overlays of 2,0 mm. Thickness of new slips is 11,0 mm.
4. Blocks should be replaced if they are greasy.
5. Prevention: if not to replace a block in due time to the minimum wear of overlays of 2,0 mm, the working piston stroke of the brake mechanism will be too long therefore all support can fail.