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9.10.4. Replacement of back brake shoes

1. Weaken fixing bolts of a wheel, lift the car, establish on support and remove a back wheel.
2. If the wear sensor is installed, take out its socket.

Fig. 8.18. After removal of the holding pins the spring is removed

3. Beat out the holding pins from a support and remove springs (fig. 8.18).
4. Establish an alligator wrench between a guide of blocks and a support and wring out a brake shoe.
5. The mount or the big screw-driver installed between a block and a brake disk accurately up to the end wring out an old internal block.
6. Similarly wring out an external block, at the same time it is necessary to leave an internal block established. At an otzhatiya of blocks you watch that the tank with brake fluid was not overflowed.

Fig. 8.19. Removal of back brake shoes

7. Having wrung out an external block so that it was possible to establish new, with thicker slip, remove its (fig. 8.19). Remove an internal brake shoe. Blocks can be pulled together by means of pincers or the screw-driver. If blocks rusted, on STOA for removal use special removable adaptation. For replacement it is the best of all to buy original spare parts as in this case in a set fastening details, such as the fixing fingers and lock springs are delivered. Upon purchase of spare parts of other producers these details often are absent.
8. Clear guides of brake shoes of dirt and deposits. At the same time you watch not to damage a boot of the brake piston. Use for this purpose the rag moistened with alcohol (do not use gasoline at all).
9. Apply on new blocks a little special lubricant recommended to Mercedes and carefully establish them in a support. At first establish an external block in a support.
10. Establish an internal brake shoe in a support.
11. Establish springs and the fixing pins. Hammer with accurate blow pins against the stop into a support.
12. Establish into place a wheel, lower the car on the earth and tighten bolts of fastening of a wheel the moment of 110 N · m. Similarly replace blocks on other back wheel.
13. Check the level of brake fluid.