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9.10.5. Removal of a support

1. Lift the car, fix it and remove a wheel.
2. On a forward wheel: release a wire of the sensor of wear and take out its socket.
3. Open the union for pumping, press once a pedal of a brake and hold it in this situation (see. "Practical advice").
4. Disconnect a brake hose from the brake pipeline on a body.
5. Unscrew the sensor of frequency of rotation of a wheel.
6. Turn out two six-sided bolts of fastening to a rotary fist and remove a support together with an arm.
7. At assembly for fastening of an arm always use the new self-fixed bolts.

Fig. 8.20. At an inhaling of bolts of fastening of an arm of a support to a rotary fist the dynamometer key is necessary

8. On forward wheels bolts of fastening of an arm to a rotary fist tighten the moment 115 N · m, using a dynamometer key (fig. 8.20), on back wheels — the moment of 50 N · m (or 70 N · m on cars with ASR).
9. If bolts are badly wrapped, remove the remains of kontrovochny structure with a thread-cutting die (on forward wheels — M12; on back — M10).
10. If the support is dismantled only for replacement of a disk, there is no need to disconnect a brake hose. In this case it is only necessary to turn off bolts of fastening of an arm to a rotary fist. Do not leave a support to hang on a brake hose, and tie up it a wire.
11. If the brake hose was removed and the system became depressurized, after assembly pump over the brake mechanism.