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9.10.6. Removal of a brake disk

1. For removal of a brake disk install the car on support and record it.
2. Remove a wheel.
3. Remove a support and suspend it on a wire so that the brake hose was not tense.
4. Turn out a bolt with an internal hexagon which the brake disk fastens.
5. Release the parking brake if the back brake disk is removed.
6. Carefully tap a brake disk easy blows of a kiyanka with rubber brisk and remove from a nave.
7. Check fastening of a guard of the brake mechanism on the nave case, if necessary tighten bolts.
8. Establish a new disk on a nave and tighten a bolt of its fastening with an internal hexagon. At the same time pay attention to the correct landing of plugs.
9. On back wheels on a flange of a back half shaft apply on a seat a little heat-resistant copper lubricant.
10. Clear new disks after installation solvent for removal of a sheeting.
11. Establish a support with the new self-fixed bolts (the inhaling moment for forward wheels of 115 N · m, back – 50 N · м).
12. Further you carry out works as it should be, the return to dismantling. Bolts of fastening of wheels tighten the moment of 110 N · m.
13. At installation of new back brake disks check adjustment of the parking brake.