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9.10.7. Removal of a brake hose

1. At first weaken a cap nut of the corresponding brake pipeline. At the same time you watch that the pipeline was not turned, holding on hose flanges.
2. If the brake hose is in addition fixed on a body by the metal bracket protecting a hose from a mastication, then at assembly do not forget to put it into place.
3. To disconnect a brake hose from a support, at first it is necessary to press it a small clamp or a special clip. Do not clamp a hose too strongly not to damage it.
4. Weaken the union, the fixing hose to a brake support. Remove a brake support and disconnect from it a hose. That brake fluid did not follow from the brake system, cork a hose.
5. At first attach a hose to a brake support the moment of 18 N · m.
6. Then attach a new hose (company or equivalent) to the brake pipeline and delay carving fastening to the brake pipeline the moment of 15 N · m.
7. At installation you watch that the brake hose was not overwound. Correctness of installation can be checked on a color strip or a rubber crest along a hose on all its length.
8. On the forward brake mechanism fix a hose on a rotary fist by a special clip. Also the wire of the sensor of wear of brake shoes is kept by it.
9. Pump over the brake system.
10. After the termination surely check whether the brake hose about something rubs at compression of a suspension bracket or work of steering. Repeat check after some run.