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9.10.8. Removal of brake pipelines

It is the best of all to replace nonflexible brake pipelines from metal with STOA as high-quality installation requires certain experience.
1. Turn off a cap nut of fastening of a brake hose to the pipeline. At the same time hold from a provorachivaniye for vents of a brake hose.
2. If the nut rusted to the pipeline and it turns at an otvorachivaniye, it anyway should be replaced. Thin-walled tubes of pipelines easily break.
3. Have for this purpose a bite the pipeline near fastening and turn off a nut a six-sided head.
4. If it is necessary to turn in the new pipeline a little, the bend has to have big radius. Otherwise the thin pipeline will break.
5. Hold inside of a tube when bending by fingers. Act so on all radius of the necessary line of a bend.
6 Do not forget about protective hoses and laying (if they are).
7. Lay the new pipeline and fix it in holders.
8. Observe the moments of an inhaling of fastening of a hose to the brake pipeline – 15 N · m, the pipeline to the main brake cylinder, the distributor – 15 N · m.
9. Pump over the brake system.