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9.10. Check of the amplifier of brakes

Check of thickness of slips
Check of a condition of brake disks
Replacement of front brake shoes
Replacement of back brake shoes
Removal of a support
Removal of a brake disk
Removal of a brake hose
Removal of brake pipelines

Fig. 8.8. Device of the amplifier of brakes: 1 – a pusher rod to the main brake cylinder; 2 – the backpressure valve with rubber laying; 3 – membrane case; 4 – a pusher rod from a brake pedal

The device of the amplifier of brakes is shown in fig. 8.8.
The amplifier of brakes uses the vacuum depression created by the engine on an admission and loses a part of the strengthening action in case of leakage of connection of a rubber sealant. If at easy rocking of a hose there passes air, the rubber sealant on the amplifier is untight, it should be replaced immediately.

1. Stop the engine, several times press a pedal of a brake and hold it in the pressed situation.
2. Launch the engine. The pedal has to move a little forward. If it does not occur, the following reasons are possible:

Fig. 8.9. If at easy rocking of a vacuum hose there passes air, the rubber sealant on the amplifier is untight and demands the fastest replacement

– the vacuum hose from an inlet pipe to the amplifier (fig. 8.9) is untight. In this case it is necessary to replace a hose;

Fig. 8.10. For valve check disconnect a hose (shooter) from the amplifier

– the backpressure valve in a vacuum hose is faulty. For valve check disconnect a hose (fig. 8.10, an arrow) from the amplifier. In good repair through a hose there has to pass air when blowing and not pass at retraction;
– worn-out rubber ring between the main cylinder and the amplifier. Dismantle of the main cylinder is necessary for replacement;
the air filter on a pusher of the amplifier is littered. Remove the filter from a pusher rod a hook from a wire. Cut the new filter to the middle and establish on a pusher rod. Pay attention to that the filter reliably fitted a rod, otherwise in the amplifier not filtered air can get;
– the membrane of the amplifier is damaged. In this case repair is impossible. The amplifier it is necessary to replace assembled.

Pedal of a brake and overlay of brake shoes
The free wheeling of a pedal of a brake has to make no more third part of all course of a pedal. If the pedal prozhimatsya further (check a hand), it is necessary to check disk brake mechanisms — strong wear or jamming of overlays of blocks, corrosion of a support of the brake mechanism are possible. Check by pressing of a pedal does not replace survey of overlays of blocks: the piston of the brake cylinder puts forward blocks with worn-out slips so far that reverse motion to a starting position after an otpuskaniye of a pedal also big. The pedal course, thus, remains almost without changes until slips are not worn-out to the minimum value. If the pedal course by repeated pressing becomes less, then in system, perhaps, there is an air — pump over system