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9.11.1. Replacement of brake fluid

Replacement of brake fluid it is necessary to spend each two years of operation. On STOA this procedure is carried out with use of the special jellied device. If on the car the ESP system is installed, replace brake fluid only with STOA. Otherwise replacement can be conducted independently — the procedure is performed similar to pumping. For work you will need two liters of new brake fluid of the brand specified in the specification.

1. Pump out brake fluid from a tank a pear or the pure syringe.

Fig. 8.22. Before filling of a tank with brake fluid always at first check impurity of the filter. Fill in liquid only at the installed filter

2. The operations procedure on each union of pumping is similar carried out when pumping the brake system. It is necessary to add only every time of rather brake fluid in a tank (fig. 8.22) – on 500 cm3 on each union of pumping. This volume is necessary in order that new liquid did not mix up from old.