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9.12.1. Removal of brake shoes of the parking brake

If brakes overheat and blocks burned, it is necessary to replace springs of the data of blocks and blocks.

1. Lift and fix the car, remove a back wheel.
2. Remove a brake disk.
3. Remove a pillow of a back seat.

Fig. 8.25. Details of the parking brake: 1 – a brake cable to a back right wheel; 2 – protective cover; 3 – a brake cable to a back left wheel; 4 – the automatic equalizer (under a pillow of a back seat); 5 – a cable to a pedal of the parking brake

4. To remove in the center a protective cover of 2 (fig. 8.25) over the automatic equalizer 4.
5. Previously pull the equalizer for what insert a face six-sided key into its center and turn approximately half way to the right (see fig. 8.25). At the same time at the same time press down that the clamp of the clown was latched by a spring. Then gearing is again released by means of the screw-driver.

Fig. 8.26. The brake mechanism of back wheels with the removed brake disk: 1 – spring; 2, 5 – brake shoes; 3 – the adjusting gear wheel of the brake mechanism regulated outside by the screw-driver; 4 – protective guard; 6 – flange of a shaft of the drive of a back wheel

6. Through big openings in a flange of a shaft of the drive of a back wheel release both springs of 1 (fig. 8.26) of brake shoes 2 and 5 and the lower returnable spring.
7. Exempt brake shoes from the lower returnable spring, part them in the parties and remove a spring.
8. Release a spring of the adjusting device, separate blocks and remove them.
9. Before assembly which is carried out in the return sequence apply copper lubricant on the corresponding basic and sliding surfaces and on a carving of the adjusting mechanism.
10. Collect and install the brake mechanism.
11. If at assembly there is an uncertainty in correctness of provision of details, remove a brake disk from other back wheel and compare disks.
12. Release an equalizer tension (as it is described above).
13. Adjust the parking brake.