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9.12.2. Replacement of cables of the parking brake

Fig. 8.27. Pretension of the automatic equalizer of cables and its easing: 1 – equalizer of brake cables; 2 – the fixing finger; 3 – clown; 4 – spring; 5 – returnable spring of the equalizer. Shooters specify the direction of a pretension. For easing bring a spring out of gearing

For replacement of brake cables or brake shoes it is necessary to execute at first a pretension of the automatic equalizer of cables, and then its easing (shooters, fig. 8.27). Corroded or hardly moving can become the reason of uneven operation of the parking brake. On the old car it is recommended to replace back brake cables in couple.

1. Lift and fix the car, remove a back wheel.
2. Remove a brake disk of a back wheel.
3. Remove a pillow of a back seat.
4. Remove in the center a protective cover over the automatic equalizer.
5. Create a preliminary tension of the equalizer for what insert a face six-sided key into its center and turn approximately half way to the right (see fig. 12.27). At the same time at the same time press down that the clamp of the clown 3 was latched by a spring 4. Then again release gearing by means of the screw-driver.
6. Bring out of gearing a returnable spring 5.
7. Remove a forward cable 5 (see fig. 12.25) from the lever and release the lever.
8. Remove back cables 1 and 3 from the lever, unfasten and move into exhaust outlets.
9. Exempt each cable from the lever of the drive of blocks in the brake mechanism of back wheels. For this purpose remove a clamp.
10. Turn off the self-fixed bolt from the inside. Remove a cable.
11. After the return assembly weaken a tension of the automatic equalizer and adjust the parking brake.