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9.5. Electronic system of stabilization (ESP)

Fig. 8.5. Elements of a control system of dynamics (ESP) of Mercedes-Benz: 1 sensors of frequency of rotation of back wheels; 2 – control unit; 3 – sensors of frequency of rotation of forward wheels; 4 – the piston block with pressure sensor; 5 – pump of the supercharger; 6 – hydraulic block; 7 – sensor of provision of a steering wheel; 8 – sensor of cross acceleration; 9 – sensor of angular movement of rather vertical axis

The electronic program of stabilization based on the ABS/ASR systems reduces risk of a drift. When passing turns at a high speed or at the sharp leveling maneuvers the ESP system distinguishes danger of a drift of the car (fig. 8.5).
For this purpose it obtains information on an angle of rotation of the operated wheels from sensors and on the basis of the speed of the movement of the car determines the speed of its shift of rather vertical axis. Unstable provisions of the car instantly come to light. By means of a podtormazhivaniye of separate wheels and management of torque of the engine the car keeps on the set trajectory. For example, if in turn there is a danger of demolition outside of forward wheels, the back wheel in turn radius is applied brakes partially, and the situation of the car is stabilized. If in bystry turn there is a danger of a drift of a back part of the car, the system applies brakes partially the forward wheel passing the external radius of turn.
Informs the lighting-up index in a combination of devices on work of the ESP system. In this case for decrease in danger of a drift the driver has to bring management style the car into accord with road conditions.