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9.6. Operation of the ABS/ASR/BAS/ESP systems

At malfunction (for example, at break of a wire) or low voltage in onboard network (lower than 10,5 In) the safety switch in an electronic control unit works and the ABS system is disconnected that is displayed by fire of a control lamp of ABS of yellow color in a combination of devices. The ASR and ESP system (if it is established) are also disconnected. The ordinary working brake system continues to work. When braking the car behaves as if it was not equipped with the ABS system.
If during the movement the control lamp of BAS/ASR or BAS/ESP lights up, then in these systems there is a malfunction.
If during the movement the control lamp of ABS lights up, it is necessary to work as follows:
1. Stop the movement, stop the engine and again let it.
2. Check tension in network: if it lower than 10,5 in, charge the rechargeable battery.
If the control lamp of ABS burns at the beginning of a trip, and then dies away, then it means that tension in onboard network at first was low, but during a trip increased from operation of the generator. In this case perform the following works:
1. Check fastening and contacts of plugs on the rechargeable battery.
2. Install the car on support, remove wheels, check the electric wires conducting to sensors for existence of external damages. If malfunctions are not revealed, then a further inspection should be carried out on STOA. The car is supplied with electronic system of self-diagnostics therefore all mistakes automatically register in memory of the memory device.