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9.7. Check of brakes

Time for 30 min. is shown.
1. At first sharply slow down at the movement at a small speed.
2. Brake traces, equal on length, from wheels demonstrate simultaneous operation of brake mechanisms. Check makes sense and on the car with ABS as the system does not work at a speed below 8 km/h.
3. Carry out the same inspection with the parking brake. When pressing a pedal at the same time extend and hold the handle of removal from blocking.
4. For check of brakes at a high speed choose the road with an equal covering.
5. At a speed of 50 km/h release a wheel (hands you keep in readiness) and slow down at first smoothly, and then it is sharp to a full stop.
6. By full pressing a brake pedal on it fluctuations from work of the ABS system have to be felt. It is normal.
7. If at such braking the car takes away to the left — one of the right brake mechanisms is faulty. Withdrawal of the car happens more effectively applied brakes partially wheels aside. The reasons see. "Possible malfunctions of the brake system, their reason and ways of elimination".
8. Allow the car to slide freely from a small bias to make sure that wheels are not blocked.
9. After a trip check a hand wheel temperature. If one of them is hotter than others, perhaps, it indicates a podtormazhivaniye of blocks of a support or blocking of the parking brake.
10. On the lifted car check what of wheels has insufficiently free wheeling.
11. Include ignition and on the flat platform switch off the parking brake. Now in turn check operability of two electric contacts on a tank with brake fluid for what press a rubber cover. At the same time the alarm lamp has to light up.
12. Check of brakes at the stand through each 30 000 km of a run is recommended. Installations of the BAS, ASR and ETS systems have to be known.

At emergence of doubts in operability of brakes immediately address on STOA. Implement the following recommendations:
1. Your safety and safety of other participants of traffic depends on serviceability of the brake system. Regular check of the brake system — the best security guarantee.
2. It is recommended to remove wheels from time to time and to check a condition of overlays of brake shoes. Service of the brake system not too difficult task. The majority of works with the brake system demands not big skills, than removal of a wing or the shock-absorber.
3. Nevertheless it is necessary to undertake carrying out any works only in case of full confidence in the forces. In case of doubts it is better to address on STOA.
4. It is not necessary to make independent repairs of the ABS block and connections of system. These works as well as diagnostics of ABS, – a task for experts.