Mercedes-Benz E-class W210

Mercedes-Benz W210 — the E-class car in production scale of Mercedes-Benz. On coincidence, E European dimensional classifications belong to the class (in a popular speech — "business class"). The W210 model succeeded Mercedes-Benz W124 and was made from 1995 to 2002. The car was issued with a body the sedan (W210) and the station wagon (S210). For the first time designers of Mercedes used the double oval headlights which defined shape of a number of models of firm in serial cars.

In 2000 the body of W210 underwent modernization. The sedan and the versatile person received a new cowl with a front grille, headlights, back lamps, bumpers, cases of mirrors with indexes of turns. On the dashboard under a speedometer the multipurpose screen of the on-board computer appeared. On a steering wheel placed buttons of control of the audio system, navigation and phone. Also there was new 5-staged automatic transmission with function of manual gear shifting Touch Shift. Besides, the system of dynamic stabilization of ESP was from now on included in the basic equipment.

The E-class W210 — the car with the bearing body, classical configuration: the engine in front, the drive on back wheels. Since 1998 also all-wheel drive versions 4Matic were released. Scale of engines included 4-, 6-and 8-cylinder engines as petrol (atmospheric and with driving superchargers), and diesels. W210 — the last generation of the E-class on which naturally aspirated diesel engines, and also line 6-cylinder petrol motors were installed (before replacement with their V6 engines in 1997). Transmissions: 5-staged mechanical (since 2000 — 6-staged); automatic: 4-band since the beginning of production, 5-staged since 1997, 5-staged with manual switching — since 2000. Suspension brackets — independent, two-lever in front and 5-lever behind, both with stabilizers of cross stability.