9.3. Electronic control by a butterfly valve

The Protivobuksovochny ASR system in addition provides decrease in torque. For this purpose the control system of the engine is supplied with in addition electronic control by a butterfly valve (E-Gas). Thanks to it the electronic control unit regulates in the electromechanical way the provision of a butterfly valve.
When at pro-slipping of a back wheel there is its automatic podtormazhivaniye and at the same time the second wheel also aspires to pro-slipping border, the electronic control system defines that the torque is exceeded for these conditions. During fractions of a second the electronic device changes the provision of a butterfly valve towards fuel supply reduction even when the driver in emergency gives full "gas". Thanks to reduction of supply of fuel the torque of the engine decreases, and the force of adhesion of driving wheels increases. On the cold engine the ignition advancing corner is in addition rearranged. The index in a combination of devices informs on work of the ASR system and gives to the driver a signal while the wheel begins to revolve.